About Us

The Wells Gray World Heritage Committee (WGWHC) is an informal collective of interested parties cognizant of the remarkable diversity of plants, wildlife, landforms, volcanoes and other natural features preserved in and around Wells Gray Provincial Park.

Wilderness preserves represent Society’s sole commitment to refrain from altering large portions of Earth’s geological, ecological and biological history. In a world where wilderness is fast disappearing, vast protected areas like Wells Gray are a sacred trust.

Committee member Catherine Hickson describes the geological history of Helmcken Falls.

WGWHC seeks to achieve international recognition for Wells Gray’s unique contributions to a global legacy. In so doing we hope to encourage land-use decisions congruent with its wilderness values and at the same time to promote the integration of those values into the social and economic fabric of nearby communities.

WGWHC has two objectives. Our first objective is to acquire Geopark Status for Wells Gray in recognition of a rich legacy of volcanic – ice contact features. Our second objective is to advance its candidacy for designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Both objectives, especially the second, must be seen as long-term endeavours. We harbour no illusions concerning the tremendous workload ahead of us. Our role, as we see it, is primarily to act as catalyst for creation of the narrative structure, on-the-ground infrastructure and political will required for a successful outcome.

Wells Gray and area are presently neither sufficiently well known nor adequately accessed by road or trail to favour early success in our endeavours; but we are persuaded that by promoting research on the park’s natural features, and especially by designing an integrated network of foot trails, it is possible to achieve both of our objectives within a period of about ten years.

Given our prolonged timeline, not all members of WGWHY are necessarily active at any one time; rather it is our expectation that different individuals will step forward at different stages of the process, according to interests and special ability.

The membership is informal and currently includes the individuals listed below (with biographical information where available):
Lyn Baldwin,
Tay Briggs,
Stu Crawford,
Susan Dalby,
Tom Dickinson,
Ellen Ferguson,
Nancy Flood,
Trevor Goward (spokesperson),
Diane Haughland,
Catherine Hickson,
Sandra Holmes,
Jason Hollinger,
Erik Milton,
Jean Nelson,
Sharon Neufelt,
Gy Ovenden,
Eskild Petersen,
Pat Rogers.